WP 100 wide-span cable ladder, height = 100 mm

Wide-span cable ladder, additional transverse rigidity due to welded rungs, rungs made of profile rail perforated. Electrical conductivity tested according to DIN EN 61537.

Welded construction.

data sheet
Hot-dip galvanized, according to BS 729 (DIN EN ISO 1461)
WP10-20-HDG100 mm200 mm6000 mm27,56 kg
WP10-30-HDG100 mm300 mm6000 mm29,88 kg
WP10-40-HDG100 mm400 mm6000 mm32,20 kg
WP10-45-HDG100 mm450 mm6000 mm33,36 kg
WP10-50-HDG100 mm500 mm6000 mm34,52 kg
WP10-60-HDG100 mm600 mm6000 mm36,84 kg
WP10-70-HDG100 mm700 mm6000 mm39,16 kg
WP10-75-HDG100 mm750 mm6000 mm40,32 kg
WP10-80-HDG100 mm800 mm6000 mm41,48 kg
WP10-90-HDG100 mm900 mm6000 mm43,80 kg
WP10-100-HDG100 mm1000 mm6000 mm46,12 kg
Stainless steel, according to ASTM 304 / BS 304 S 3
WP10-20-304100 mm200 mm6000 mm27,56 kg
WP10-30-304100 mm300 mm6000 mm29,88 kg
WP10-40-304100 mm400 mm6000 mm32,20 kg
WP10-45-304100 mm450 mm6000 mm33,36 kg
WP10-50-304100 mm500 mm6000 mm34,52 kg
WP10-60-304100 mm600 mm6000 mm36,84 kg
WP10-70-304100 mm700 mm6000 mm39,16 kg
WP10-75-304100 mm750 mm6000 mm40,32 kg
WP10-80-304100 mm800 mm6000 mm41,48 kg
WP10-90-304100 mm900 mm6000 mm43,80 kg
WP10-100-304100 mm1000 mm6000 mm46,12 kg
Stainless steel, according to ASTM 31 Ti / AISI 316 L, BS 320S17 / BS 316S11
WP10-20-316100 mm200 mm6000 mm27,56 kg
WP10-30-316100 mm300 mm6000 mm29,88 kg
WP10-40-316100 mm400 mm6000 mm32,20 kg
WP10-45-316100 mm450 mm6000 mm33,36 kg
WP10-50-316100 mm500 mm6000 mm34,52 kg
WP10-60-316100 mm600 mm6000 mm36,84 kg
WP10-70-316100 mm700 mm6000 mm39,16 kg
WP10-75-316100 mm750 mm6000 mm40,32 kg
WP10-80-316100 mm800 mm6000 mm41,48 kg
WP10-90-316100 mm900 mm6000 mm43,80 kg
WP10-100-316100 mm1000 mm6000 mm46,12 kg

Load Diagram

Load Diagram - WP 100

Details / Applications

Details / Applications - WP 100
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