HB-IW cable clamp with additional insulating vat for fastening to C-profile rails

Cable clamp with full-surface vat made of galvanised steel and additional insulating vat made of polystyrene. For fastening to C-profile rails (C) with a slot size of 11 mm.

data sheet
Zinc coated
ProductdiameterHmaxMaximum heighttorquenumber of cables Maximum number of installable cablesweight
12 HB-IW8-12 mm42,5 mm2 Nm1 2,7 kg/100
16 HB-IW12-16 mm47,5 mm2 Nm1 3 kg/100
20 HB-IW16-20 mm51,5 mm2 Nm1 3,4 kg/100
24 HB-IW20-24 mm55,7 mm2 Nm1 4 kg/100
28 HB-IW24-28 mm59,7 mm2 Nm1 4,5 kg/100
32 HB-IW28-32 mm65 mm2 Nm1 6,2 kg/100
36 HB-IW32-36 mm69 mm2 Nm1 7,1 kg/100
40 HB-IW36-40 mm73 mm2 Nm1 7,9 kg/100
44 HB-IW40-44 mm83 mm4 Nm1 9,9 kg/100
48 HB-IW44-48 mm87 mm4 Nm1 10,1 kg/100
52 HB-IW48-52 mm92,5 mm4 Nm1 11,1 kg/100
56 HB-IW52-56 mm96,5 mm4 Nm1 11,7 kg/100
60 HB-IW56-60 mm100,5 mm4 Nm1 15,4 kg/100
64 HB-IW60-64 mm104,5 mm4 Nm1 16,1 kg/100
70 HB-IW64-70 mm111,5 mm4 Nm1 17,8 kg/100

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