HT wood screw

Wood screw with flat head and Torx drive.

The productes can be used for fire protection. Technical parameters see expert opinion.

data sheet
galvanized, according to DIN EN ISO 19598 / DIN EN ISO 2081
HT 6X60GV60 mm6 mm0,90 kg/100
HT 6X80GV80 mm6 mm1,1 kg/100
HT 6X100GV100 mm6 mm1,3 kg/100
HT 10X80GV80 mm10 mm3,1 kg/100
HT 10X100GV100 mm10 mm3,7 kg/100
HT 10X120GV120 mm10 mm4,3 kg/100
HT 10X140GV140 mm10 mm4,9 kg/100


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