RBVD cable tray bend cover, variable

    cable tray bend cover, positive locking

    data sheet
    Continously hot galvanized (Sendzimir process) (DIN EN 10346)
    RBVD 05S50 mm0,05 kg
    RBVD 10S100 mm0,13 kg
    RBVD 20S200 mm0,38 kg
    RBVD 30S300 mm0,75 kg
    RBVD 40S400 mm1,24 kg
    RBVD 50S500 mm1,86 kg
    RBVD 60S600 mm2,60 kg
    Stainless steel, according to ASTM 304 / BS 304 S 3
    RBVD 05E50 mm0,05 kg
    RBVD 10E100 mm0,13 kg
    RBVD 20E200 mm0,38 kg
    RBVD 30E300 mm0,76 kg
    RBVD 40E400 mm1,27 kg
    RBVD 50E500 mm1,90 kg
    RBVD 60E600 mm2,65 kg
    Stainless steel, according to ASTM 31 Ti / AISI 316 L, BS 320S17 / BS 316S11
    RBVD 05E450 mm0,05 kg
    RBVD 10E4100 mm0,13 kg
    RBVD 20E4200 mm0,38 kg
    RBVD 30E4300 mm0,76 kg
    RBVD 40E4400 mm1,27 kg
    RBVD 50E4500 mm1,90 kg
    RBVD 60E4600 mm2,65 kg
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