CO₂ performance ladder

CO₂ performance ladder

PUK Benelux B.V. aims to continue its certification at level 3 of the CO2 performance ladder. For more information, go to

Our aim is to reduce energy use in five years, reducing CO2 emissions, calculated in tonnes, by 4%, using 2014 as the base year.

To achieve our aim, initiatives are being undertaken by the management and, indeed, by the employees of PUK Benelux B.V. and implemented where possible. This is true for both day-to-day business operations, the performance of projects as well as supply chain initiatives and test projects.

PUK Benelux B.V. has set up an energy management programme in the form of a manual, in accordance with European standard EN 5001, in which the cycle structure for continuous improvement of energy efficiency in procedures is defined.

These procedures are ranked in the structure of the four perspectives of the CO2 performance ladder

a- Analyse – insight into CO2 emissions
b- Save – reduction and the ambition to which we are committed
c- Communication - how we communicate internally and externally
d- Participation – collaborations with respect to CO2 reduction

Relevant information is available on the PUK Benelux B.V. intranet, in order to increase the energy awareness of the employees as well as to inform and encourage them. The information has two aims. We want to inform our employees and other stakeholders about our energy reduction policy, as well as the current CO2 footprint and the reduction targets. We also want to encourage our employees and other stakeholders to play an active part in energy reduction. We have also set up a communication plan to this end.

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